Holsem Coffee offers a selection of 7 roasts daily (i.e. Holsem Blend, Espresso, Peru, Sidamo, Yirgecheffe, Kenya & Decaf)


Our Mission

At Holsem we are all about 'coffee evolved where the quality of coffee and the purity of ingredients converge with high design for a wholesome mix of excitement and energy.


Our Brand Values

  • Fair trade and ethical coffee sourcing
  • Wholesome & pure ingredients
  • No preservatives, colors or additives
  • 3rd wave brew methods
  • High-design environment
  • Always a smile :)


Holsem is about the next generation of coffee brewing and preparation. Now that customers have experienced quality, the question is, ‘now what?’ Holsem answers this question in one of the most exciting ways i’ve seen.
— Salpi Sleiman, Co-Founder & Roaster of Holsem Coffee